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The Laurelton Farmers Market is the first open-air market located in Laurelton, Queens, our mission is to cultivate our community's health by creating access to farm-fresh produce and quality local products.

Launched as an act of resilience of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve provided the Southeast Queens community with quality products at very attractive prices. We have something to suit everyone’s taste! Our Farmers Market is home to a number of local businesses who go above and beyond to give back to the community through the quality products they offer.


Mums Kitchen NYC

At Mums Kitchens NYC! We have breads, cookies, brownies, vegan & gluten free options are also available as well as Grand Mama's savory CodFish dish.  Our menu has grown and we are proud of our delightfully delicious decadent product offerings.

Adamah Gallery Seafood

Our family's mission is to provide the highest quality of wild-caught seafood for you to be able to create the freshest and tastiest dishes for your family. Our motto is to "Take it Home and Make it your own."

Sassy Sweet Vegan Treats

We bake in small batches to ensure that each treat is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. We love the warm smell of baking that fills our kitchen. Whether vegan, vegetarian or other "terian", we're dedicated to providing healthier choices for your treats!

Pumpkin Harvest
Vegetable Store
Organic Vegetables
Farmer Cutting Cabbage
Farmer Holding Corn
Home Grown Vegetables

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